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The 2008 Kansas City Gala is now history. A great time was had by all. We learned a lot and had a bunch of laughs. An important part of the Gala is the seminars and VIP speakers. With their permission we are posting some of their materials on our web site for the review of those there and benefit of those unable to attend. Art & Ellen Gilbert presented a very informative seminar on old Fenton Candlesticks. Our attempt to copy the PowerPoint program failed but I am working to get it rounded up. I have posted below the printed handout they gave us and it works very well with their presentation.

The wonderful Howard Suefer talked about Fenton Pattern Moulds and how the various patters are made into beautiful Fenton Art Glass. Howard is an entertaining and very knowledgeable speaker. He obviously enjoys interacting with people and sharing his vast knowledge about Fenton Art Glass and the glass making industry.

We express out gratitude to Art, Ellen and Howard for their generous permission to display their materials on our site. We ask you please help yourself to the knowledge offered here but please refrain from any profit making from this material.

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