2009 Gala Pictures
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Saturday AM Auction Prices

The 2009 Gala is now in the history books. And set records it did. There were in excess of 140 registrations and, if I remember correctly, 124 attended the banquet. The Saturday AM auction brought some nice prices after being pretty much lower last year. 32 attendees were recognized for having attended all 10 Galas. We also had somewhere around 25 first timers in the house. Below are some pictures to remember the Gala and for others who could not attend to see some very nice Fenton Art Glass. I apologize as I failed to get enough pictures of people. I usually do much better but it is what it is.

The Big Display - The 2nd 25 Years of Fenton Art Glass

Friday Noon Luncheon

19 Individual Table Displays

Saturday Morning Auction

Saturday Evening Banquet & Whimsey Auction

People and Miscellaneous

Updated Monday 09/22/2009

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