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Club History

A group of people met in June of 1981 at the Denney's Restaurant at I-435 and 87th Street in Raytown for an informal meeting to discuss starting a Fenton Club in the Kansas City area. That was the first unofficial meeting of the Fenton Finders of Greater Kansas City. George and Rosie Rydings met with Bill Fenton in Williamstown, WV to speak with him about starting a club in the Kansas City area. Mr. Fenton thought this would be a very good idea.

George accepted a certificate from Mr. Fenton in recognition of the formation of the club. The club passed the hat for the first couple of meetings in order to obtain money so that a newsletter could be sent out to inform people of the club and to help build interest in becoming a member. The club meeting place was moved to the Raytown City Hall in Raytown, Missouri. The club became a charter member of the Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America in 1982.





































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