October 2011
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October Newsletter

You will notice there are several fewer pictures this month. Well, the program was supposed to be on the National Conventions individual table displays and the show and tell was supposed to be og glass obtained at the Gala. The key necessary to get us into the meeting area was forgotten (we didn't get it picked up during the week) and the local police department did not want to put out much effort to assist so we held a short business meeting outside the front door. Actually, the weather was great and it could not have been any nicer. I did not notice until I looked, but every picture displays smiles on all faces. All things considered, it was not too bad.

The bears pictured below belong to Neva Wood. I stashed the here earlier to show off her collection of 655 bears and for the time being, I intend to leave them here.

Picture 1 of Neva Wood's Bear Collection

Picture 2 of Neva Wood's Bear Collection

Picture 3 of Neva Wood's Bear Collection


Updated Monday 10/10/2011

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