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2020 Officers

                                                                 Jason Herman - President - Email              Connie Duncan - Vice President - Email

                                                                 Jackie Oglesby - Secretary - Email             Janet Wilke - Treasurer - Email

Mark Your Calendars

2021 Gala - September 23, 24 and 25

Auction Note: All consigners for the cancelled 2020 auction have asked to remain in the 2021 auction. The glass shown on the Saturday auction page will sell on September 25th, 2021

09/29/20 - Added the October Newsletter - HERE

Final Auction Bids for 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019  HERE

Fenton Art Glass is the product of the earth's elements, a quantity of chemical compounds, heat producing fire and tons of experimentation, patience, and persistence. The Fenton Art Glass Company was founded in 1905 by Frank L. Fenton and his brothers. In 1905, the state of West Virginia issued a charter to the Fenton Art Glass Company to manufacture glass. After four generations, the Fenton family continues to skillfully master the creation of beautiful hand-crafted art glass.

The Fenton Finders of Greater Kansas City (FFOGKC) is created under the umbrella of the Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America. However, the FFOGKC operates on its own and is involved in many activities that support the education and entertainment involved in learning and collecting Fenton Art Glass and learning about other art glass.

We are a non profit group and no member receives any fees or money for the services they provide to the club. Actual money paid out in behalf of the club is reimbursed. Profits earned by the club are used to further the education of its members and others. We also make generous donations to various not for profit organizations that support and care for the needy, hungry or otherwise deserving.

Primary means of fundraising is through the sales of Fenton Art Glass. We work closely with the Fenton Company to make special glass for our club. We are diligent in the effort to acquire glass that is special and unique. A few of these are pictured below. Please visit our glass page to learn what is available to purchase and gather information on what we have had in the past and is only available on the secondary market. Most of the glass we sell is in limited quantity and nearly all has increased in value.

Below you will find the primary items we have made for the annual Gala. The Topaz Bowl and Nymph was made in 2001; The Burmese Violets 3-Piece Candlelight in 2002; The Plum Opalescent Hobnail vase in 2003; The Periwinkle Bowl & Nymph in 2004; The Periwinkle Cactus Cracker Jar in 2005 and in 2006 we had the Cobalt Roses Alley Cat. In 2007 we have added the Ruby Dancing Ladies Fan Vase. 2008 will bring forth the Rosalene Dancing Ladies Vases. In 2009 we offered the Sky Blue Dancing Ladies Vases and the 11" Cobalt & White Alley Cat. 2010 saw the Ruby & White Alley Cat.




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